The Wellbeing Centre Celebrates EURO 2024!

21st June 2024 12:00

21st June 2024


The Wellbeing Centre recently celebrated EURO 2024 with great enthusiasm, creating a special environment for patients to enjoy the football matches featuring Scotland. To make this possible, the centre extended its hours on Friday June 14th and Wednesday June 19th.

In preparation, we informed patients and families about the extended hours and decorated our cinema room with European and Scottish flags. Posters were placed on ward noticeboards and in lifts to spread the word. To enhance the experience, we offered a selection of football-themed sweets and Scottish treats, including teacakes and caramel logs.

As kick-off approached, patients and their relatives gathered at the Wellbeing Centre, socialising and sharing their love for football. On Friday, over 19 people attended, creating an incredible atmosphere despite the slightly disappointing score. A smaller group of six came for the Wednesday match, but their enthusiasm was no less vibrant.

At the end of both evenings, everyone expressed their gratitude and mentioned how much they enjoyed watching football in the company of others. One young patient said, “While my friends have gone to Cologne to watch the match, I don't feel left out since I could watch it on the large screen rather than my phone”.

The Wellbeing Centre is proud to have brought joy and a sense of community to our patients through this event.

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