Investing In Young Researchers

We are proud to invest in some of best up and coming individuals in cancer research

We are proud to invest in some of best up and coming individuals in cancer research


Beatson Cancer Charity seek to develop future leaders in cancer research. By focusing on early career researchers, we can create a stimulating research environment that attracts the brightest talent worldwide, bringing advances closer to local patients.

Dr Rob Rulach  

We have been supporting Dr Rob Rulach who is investigating ways to safely deliver repeat courses of radiotherapy to recurrent lung cancers, which occurs in about a third of patients after initial treatment. Re-irradiation is a high–risk treatment that can cause significant damage to healthy tissue, so it is essential to discover who would benefit from this, and what is the best way to deliver a second treatment 

His research has focussed on a novel radiotherapy planning technique called multi-criteria optimisation. This has shown to be effective in minimising damage to healthy tissue while maintaining effective treatment to the tumour 

These breakthroughs give something priceless for people with difficult prognoses – hope.

Dr Ross Carruthers 

Beatson Cancer Charity has provided grants to and funded Dr Ross Carruthers through his PhD to allow him to develop his work into glioblastoma. This is the most common type of brain tumour and is virtually resistant to radiation. However, through his research Dr Carruthers has discovered the process that enables glioblastoma to recover from radiation.   

His findings were published recently with much excitement in one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals, “Cancer Research”. Ross is now investigating ways to intervene in this process – giving hope that we could finally defeat glioblastoma.  


Aileen Duffton

Lead Radiographer for Research and Development

Beatson Cancer Charity also funds Aileen Duffton. She is the Lead Radiographer for Research and Development at The Beatson. Aileen works closely with Professor Chalmers to help accelerate the Radiotherapy Research Project. to evaluate new techniques and treatments, building upon The Beatson’s internationally recognised work. 


Our aim as researchers is to make a difference to patient outcomes; to see more people beating cancer. I am very confident that the Radiotherapy Research Project will bring us closer to achieving that goal.

Aileen Duffton


We are committed to funding world-class scientific research that has the potential to save lives in Scotland and beyond 

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