We are fortunate at the beatson that we have a wealth of expertise and are at the forefront of cancer care, but it's so important that people donate to the charity to keep things moving in the right direction.

We deliver a range of services within the Beatson to enhance the experience of patients and their families. Volunteers assist in a number of areas interacting directly with patients and visitors to the Beatson.

tasks may include:
  • Providing a friendly signposting service for patients/visitors to the Beatson.
  • Reassuring and supporting apprehensive patients and visitors on arrival.
  • Providing a tea/coffee service in waiting areas.
  • Delivering newspapers to waiting areas.
  • Showing patients around the Wellbeing Centre.
  • Helping keep the centre clean, tidy and well stocked.
  • Visiting the wards to inform patients about the Wellbeing Centre or bring them up if less able.
  • Administrative duties to support the running of the Wellbeing Centre and Welcome Desk
  • Maintaining garden areas in courtyards and balconies of the Beatson.

These opportunities are generally on a regular basis undertaking a 4-5 hour shift each week.

If you've got any questions about volunteering, or would like to chat about your skills and availability, feel free to contact us   by  email   or by calling  0141 212 0505.