We are fortunate at the beatson that we have a wealth of expertise and are at the forefront of cancer care, but it's so important that people donate to the charity to keep things moving in the right direction.

The Beatson covers 50% of Scotland's population, and it's important that we can get local communities involved across this wide region to show their support for the hospital. Our volunteers help organise fundraising collections in their local area, making this an opportunity for those who are based further away from the Beatson to help too.

We need volunteers to assist with bucket collections organised by Beatson Cancer Charity, or by organising their own collections. 

all you need to do is:
  • Decide on a location (e.g supermarket, shopping centre, high street or train station) and get their permission to hold a collection - we can help with any forms you need to complete.
  • Gather a team of friends to help you - we can provide you with t-shirts, buckets and other materials you might need.
  • Count the donations and deposit in the bank and let us know how well you got on!

We're also building a team of volunteers to help distribute and manage static collection cans to businesses in their local area. We can provide you with support and ideas to: 

  • Identify locations for static cans (e.g local shops, offices or leisure centres) and ask the manager to host a can.
  • Pop in every few months to replace the can, and count and bank the donations - although many outlets will do this themselves it's good to maintain a relationship with them.
  • Keep in touch to let us know how your outlets are getting on - we'll also feed back on their progress if they deal with us directly. 

These roles can be self-managed and done in your own time and in your local area.

If you've got any questions about volunteering, or would like to chat about your skills and availability, feel free to contact  us  by  email   or by calling on  0141 212 0505.