Beatson cafe

café & shop

Beatson Cancer Charity has refurbished the  Tom  Wheldon Cafe Area   to make it a warm and welcoming space for patients and families. This project is possible  thanks to  the support and generosity of all Beatson Cancer Charity supporters. 

We have now opened the Beatson Café, which is serving drinks and snacks during the day Monday to Friday, 9am until 4pm, to coincide with clinic hours. 

Volunteers will serve customers and ensure the kitchen and seating area are clean and tidy.

We'd like volunteers to take on a regular four hour morning or afternoon shifts once a week.

If you've got any questions about volunteering in the Beatson Cafe, or would like to chat about your skills and availability, feel free to contact  us   by  email    or by calling on  0141 212 0505