Psychology-led Workshops

2nd February 2024 12:00

2nd February 2024

Introducing our upcoming psychology workshops

Values-based living (online)

Feb 21st 1pm -2.30pm  

We often know what we don’t want in life, such as anxiety, worries or stress, but an important foundation is understanding what you do want. This is especially relevant following an illness and a long-term absence from work. This session will help you clarify your values, that is what is important to you, the things in life that make it worth living and how you want your life to look moving forward.



Adjusting to working life following a cancer diagnosis (online)

Part 1: March 13th 1pm-2.30pm

Part 2: March 20th 1pm-2.30pm 

During this two-part workshop, our Counselling Psychologist Marta and one of our SHAWS practitioners will lead you in exploring the difficult physical and mental challenges of returning to work following a cancer diagnosis. We will look at different tools and techniques which can help in the transition back to working life. We encourage participants to attend both dates of this workshop.


Further dates (topics to be announced)

May 1st

June 5th & 12th

August 21st

September 18th & 25th

Oct 30th

Nov 20th & 27th



If you are interested in attending or would like more information, please email or call 0141 212 0505.