Research Appeal

Can you help us deliver life-changing research?

Can you help us deliver life-changing research?

Your continued support could help fund life-saving research for people facing a cancer journey.


Did you know that there are certain cancer types prevalent in the West of Scotland that we currently don’t have curative options for? The need for research is more crucial than ever.

By donating today, you could allow us to open Radiotherapy Clinical Trials across all cancer types, making new treatments available to as many people as possible.


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Your donation can help us increase the opportunities for people to participate in trials, generate new radiotherapy-based treatments and help us continue to invest in research, and enable The Beatson to grow as a Radiotherapy Research Centre of Excellence.

Ken Mair, of Ayrshire, received radiotherapy treatment in 2021. The research team at The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre reached out to Ken to gain a better understanding of the effects during and after his cancer treatment. By sharing his story, he is helping our researchers develop their treatment plans for the future.

“When I realised what The Beatson were doing with research it became so important to me to help because I have friends with cancer, and this has given me an insight into how much it affects people's lives. I have also been treated at The Beatson and I now want to give something back.”

Ken Mair, former patient

There is an incredible team of Clinical Trials Radiographers at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre Who are leading the way in research, and with your help we can continue to make advances by exploring this further. The Team works closely with people who have participated in clinical trials to see if new ideas are effective. Without them, none of this would be possible.  

Our goal is to make radiotherapy an effective, curative treatment for many cancers, especially those that are the hardest to treat. We are seeing better results as treatments become more precise, and are hopeful that more people will have better results as we continue to invest in research. 

£10 Could open new opportunities for people with cancer to participate in life-saving clinical trials, as well as generate new radiotherapy treatments at The Beatson.

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