Q&A with Ambassadog Milo

31st August 2022 12:00

Join us as we catch up with Milo!

Join us as we catch up with Milo!

31st August 2022

Say hello to our wooftastics Ambasadog! We are barking mad for Milo!
We caught up with Milo to find out more about his favourite things to do and how he has enjoyed being this years Ambassadog! 

How have you enjoyed being Beatson Cancer Charities Ambassadog?

It’s been really great. We’re really looking forward to the Paw Walk & helping raise awareness whilst doing we what we love. It’s meant so much to me & my family to be able to represent the charity that helps my hoomum.

What’s your favourite walk?

Irvine Beach Park! Nothing beats the open grass to chase rabbits and beautiful views of the beach (I definitely do not run away onto the beach).

Where is your favourite place to go?
My Grans house. I get so excited to go visit her because I get spoiled rotten and lots of treats!


What’s your favourite treat?
Hmm this is a hard one, sausages! No wait, chicken! Oh no tasty bites… this is too hard, I just love food!


Describe Erin in 3 words
Kind, loving and a shopaholic (especially when it comes to me & Leo)


Where will you be doing your Paw Walk?
We’ll be doing it throughout our favourite spots in Ayrshire during the week (with our friends) & for the weekend we’re heading to Glasgow Green & stopping by to say hello to team Beatson.

What advice do you have for the next Ambassadog?
Just be your incredible self, that’s what got you the role & why you are special!


What does it mean to you working with Beatson Cancer Charity?

It means so much. The Beatson Charity holds a very special place in our hearts as hoomum attends the Beatson hospital & our Grandad was treated here. To be able to do something to help raise awareness of the charity has meant so much as it’s allowed us to give a little back.

What’s you and Leo’s favourite thing to do together?

Fight for hoomums attention! Or snuggle up for naps when we think nobody is looking.

How can other furiends sign up for Paw Walk?
You can head to the Beatson Charity Website to sign up or visit our Instagram page where we have a link that will take you there.


Join us in celebrating our furry friends while raising vital funds for Beatson Cancer Charity with this year's Paw Walk from the 19th to the 25th September 2022!

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