Friends get ready for fight night!

17th September 2015 12:00

"We truly appreciate the guys support for organising this event and we  wish  everyone the best of luck  for the big  fight night on  Friday 2nd October."

17th September 2015

"We truly appreciate the guys support for organising this event and we  wish  everyone the best of luck  for the big  fight night on  Friday 2nd October."

A brave group of friends have decided to step into the ring to show their support for their friend Paul, who has recently been diagnosed with  bone cancer. 

Paul has been a frequent user of the Beatson Cancer Charity Wellbeing Centre and felt it was only right for his friends to raise money for the charity.  

Stewart Steadman, who is organising the  boxing night  knew  Paul  is keen boxing  fan. He  thought  there could be no better event raise money than arranging  a white-collar boxing night which involves three, 2 minute rounds in a real  boxing  environment  at a hotel in Glasgow. 

We truly appreciate the guys support for organising this event and we  wish   everyone the best of luck  for the big  fight night on  Friday 2nd October. 


Here are  some of the boxers  reasons for taking part: 

Thomas Neil - My mums frightening experience with breast cancer, which thankfully is over, was made a lot easier through the Beatson. Things like the bright colourful layout and committed, positive staff helped her feel like she was in a protective positive bubble. 

John Alexander - The Beatson helped my friend Bill immeasurably, with their care for him. They helped not only the patient , but the family and friends too. They are not just a worthwhile cause, they are essential. 

Stewart Steedman - Inspired by my big pal Heggie, I thought it would be well worth while to raise a few quid for the big man and hopefully keep him entertained with our sparring videos. I look forward to getting on the bike with him next year. Keep fighting Hegster. The Beatson also helped my father-in-law Pat. 

Steven Callaghan - I only met Heggie for a short time in Machargs, but he was an absolute gent and helped me know end. 

Chris Cullen - We have all known someone effected by cancer. It would be great to generate some money for the Beatson who do such a wonderful job of caring for these individuals. 

Calum Martin - A few family members and friends have suffered from cancer so I want to raise money to help everyone who is affected. 

Gavin Mckenzie - Everyone has had a friend or family suffer from cancer. If we keep giving, we will help those who are affected as well as comfort those close by, supporting McMillan cancer units. 

Kyle Mckenzie - We all know friends, family that have been affected by cancer. Raising money for the Beatson cancer unit will allow others to get the help and support they need. Let’s all get involved! 

Scott McManus - I am doing this because cancer is a thing that has affected us all at some pointin our lifes. The Beatson offers a fantastic support network to people affected by this horrible illness and needs all the support it can get to continue to provide the quality service that it does. 

Michael Leonard - I have lost family and friends to cancer and was grateful for the care and the treatment they received. Wanted to give something back. 

David Tait - My stepdad fought and beat cancer a couple of years ago and couldn't have done it without the treatment and support from the Beatson. Having lost a few family members to cancer, I would like to support a local treatment centre and charity. Every little helps.