HyperSight Appeal

Can you help fund new life-enhancing technology at The Beatson west of Scotland Cancer Centre?


This new imaging system, known as HyperSight, will be the first of its kind in Scotland, enhancing the lives of thousands of people right here in Glasgow and the west of Scotland.

HyperSight combines high-quality imaging with planning software which allows clinicians to adapt treatment plans inside the treatment room. This ensures incredible accuracy of radiotherapy beams on tumours throughout treatment, as well as a more comfortable experience for those receiving treatment.



HyperSight imaging solution costs around £400,000 and by donating £25 today you could play a significant role in purchasing life-enhancing technology for cancer patients in the west of Scotland.


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Not only will this new imaging system help achieve optimal treatment outcomes, but it will also help reduce side effects from radiotherapy. By reducing the side effects, more people will be able to live a better quality of life after treatment. By investing in this new imagining technology, clinicians will be able to modify treatment daily allowing for more precision when targeting tumours. This would help overcome challenges that may arise due to changes within the abdomen or bladder which can shift the position of certain tumours. Original tumour location after movement in the abdomen


Currently, clinicians use a range of imaging technology along with techniques such as breath holds to deliver the most precise and accurate radiotherapy possible. By investing in HyperSight, clinicians can offer even more effective radiotherapy in a shorter period of time, reducing patient’s time in treatment.

By donating today, you will help thousands of people with cancer receive more precise, personalised radiotherapy treatment. Your help will continue to change the lives of thousands of people with cancer in the west of Scotland. 


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HyperSight provides a dramatic improvement in image resolution and speed of acquisition. It will therefore bring diagnostic quality imaging at the point of radiotherapy treatment, thus enabling high precision, adaptive radiotherapy to our patients.

Martin Glegg, Head of Radiotherapy Physics