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The Specialist Health and Work team is experienced in health and work issues, particularly for those who have been affected by cancer. The service supports those who are remaining in work, returning to work, looking for a new job or considering other employment options appropriate to their individual circumstances.


Our SHAWS team are experienced in helping with a variety of issues including:

  • Adjusting to work life after a cancer diagnosis  
  • Building confidence
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Building supportive working relationships
  • Communicating with your employer

What we offer

  • We can work with you and your employer to help with return to work planning 
  • We advise on rights and reasonable adjustments  
  • We support you in making decisions regarding your working future  
  • We can attend or advise on return to work meetings that will help employers understand your needs 
  • We can identify employability services which can help you find new employment opportunities 

For further information and support our online platform My Light has lots of useful information and guidance.

Service Testimonials

Here are some testimonials of clients who have used the service before.

FAQ (About):

  1. What is SHAWS? / What is the Specialist Health and Work Service?
    We support and empower people affected by a cancer diagnosis to make informed decisions regarding their employment. We also provide online information sessions and workshops for patients, caregivers and employers.
  2. I have been referred to Beatson Cancer Charity to get help with work, what should I expect?
    You will get a call from one of the service’s practitioners who will ask you some questions, they will discuss what support can be provided to you and offer to book a follow-up appointment with them. If you selected “email” as your preferred method of contact, we would email you first. 
  3. I have been advised to contact Beatson Cancer Charity to talk about work, what should I expect when I call?
    The team that provides support with work related worries at Beatson Cancer Charity are the Specialist Health and Work service (or SHAWS for short).
    - When you call the charity number 0141 212 0505 you will reach a different department. 
    - Tell the member of staff you have been referred to SHAWS, provide your name and a contact number.
    - SHAWS then receives a note that we have a new referral.
    Our service aims to contact you within 7 days.
  4. I have been advised to call Beatson Cancer Charity to talk about work, what should I expect when I fill out the online enquiry form/ email the service?
    SHAWS then receives a note that we have a new referral.
    Our service aims to contact you within 7 days.
  5. Can I access the service again in the future?
    You can ask for support by calling 0141 212 0505, emailing or submitting an enquiry here: Health & Work Service | Beatson Cancer Charity
  6. Did you receive my referral?
    Your enquiry will be allocated to one of our practitioners who will contact you as soon as possible. You can expect to hear from us within 7 days of your referral being sent to us. 
    Note about Email enquiries: Sometimes external email addresses are filtered into spam/junk folders due to security features in place, if you have been waiting over 7 days, please call us to let us know.


FAQ (Reason for referral):

  1. I can’t work at the moment, and my income has been reduced. I am worried about my finances; can you help me?
    The Specialist Health and Work service cannot provide financial advice.  However, we can speak to you about what support and services are available to you and help you get linked with the appropriate person to support you. We can provide benefits advice to those clients receiving support from SHAWS or any other Beatson Cancer Charity service.
  2. I received a letter from work. I don’t understand it; can you help me?
    Yes we can help you.  This is one of our most common reasons for people contacting our service.  You will be allocated a practitioner to support you and we can talk through the letter together by phone, video call or in person at our offices.
  3. I no longer receive sick pay from my employer, do I still need to hand in sick lines/GP fit notes to work?
    We understand during longer-term absences from work why people think they don’t need to send sick lines/ GP fit notes to their work when they are no longer getting paid by them.
    It is very important that you continue to do this.
    If you are unable to keep them up to date it may be helpful to discuss your concerns with one of our practitioners.
  4. I think I am ready to go back to work, but I am unsure how to prepare or what to say to my boss.
    We can support you to prepare for your return to work, empower you to communicate your needs to your employer, access the relevant information and services relevant to your specific needs and provide tailored return to work planning sheets which you can share with your employer.
    We also often provide collaborative support – which means we can offer to speak to both you and your employer to help you both plan for your return to the workplace.


FAQ (Online Workshop Questions):

  1. I have read about a workshop/information session from SHAW service, can you tell me more about it?
    Email or call 0141 212 0505 and leave a message for the Specialist Health and Work service.
    - Name
    - Phone Number
    - “I’d like more information on the workshop by Specialist Health and Work Service/SHAWS”
    We will call you back as soon as a member of the team is available.
  2. I am going to an online workshop from the SHAW service, I have never used Zoom/Microsoft Teams before; could a member of staff help me?
    Depending on how much time we have before the workshop runs, we can arrange a practice Zoom/Teams call for you. Please let us know as soon as possible by phone or emailing
  3. I am going to an online workshop from the SHAW service, but I don’t know how to log in.
    A member of staff sends the log in information 1 week before it is due to run, and also a reminder on the day of the session. Check your email inbox and “junk” folder.  If you still have not received the information, please contact

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