Find out below why you should celebrate your milestones with us.

Why you should celebrate

Whether or not you have cancer, there's always a reason to celebrate. One of the main reasons we celebrate ‘cancerversaries’ is because we're simply thankful to be alive.

Since each person’s cancer journey is unique their own, individuals may choose different milestones to celebrate.

Here are some common milestones to celebrate include:

  • The anniversary of a cancer diagnosis
  • The completion of radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment
  • Results from tests that show treatment is working
  • The anniversary of being told you were in remission.
  • A diagnosis of NED (No Evidence of Disease)

These times however aren’t just a time of celebration; they’re also a time of reflection and remembrance. For some survivors and those who love them, these times can be emotionally challenging.


Ideas for celebrating

It's important to celebrate the special milestones along your cancer journey. By celebrating, you acknowledge the difficulties you've overcome and shift your focus toward the future.

Here are some examples of ways you can do so;

  • Giving back – there are plenty of ways you can give back to say thanks. You could make a donation to help more people facing cancer or why not get involved with the charity by volunteering
  • Throw a party – throwing a party can be a great and fun way to celebrate your cancer milestone with your loved ones
  • Set a goal – Why not set yourself an inspiring goal for each month
  • Tick something off your bucket list - why not check out our list of challenge events?
  • Pamper yourself - take the time out celebrate by giving yourself a good pamper. Visit a spa, go out with your family and friends to the movies

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