Wright Family - bauble appeal 18


21st Nov 2018

The Wright family prepare for first Christmas without wife and mother-of-three, Liz, and encourage donations to Beatson Bauble fundraiser to help support more families facing cancer like they have.

A Scottish family affected by cancer have told of the soul-warming support offered by Beatson Cancer Charity in an emotive video (below) to help launch this year’s Beatson Bauble fundraising campaign.

Father-of-three John Wright, alongside daughters Rebecca, Victoria and Alex, are preparing for their first Christmas without wife and mother Liz, however took time to tell of their experience and encourage people to support families like them this Christmas.

Beatson Cancer Charity’s annual Beatson Bauble campaign aims to remind people that the seemingly little things, like a cup of tea or a head massage, can actually make a big difference to people facing cancer.  

The Wright Family - Beatson Bauble Appeal

Today the Wright family, with the support of the charity, has released a video describing their experiences after Liz was diagnosed with an unusual and incurable form of stomach cancer earlier this year. Liz died in August, just 10 days after her 52nd birthday.

John, from Carntyne in Glasgow, said:

“We wanted to share why Beatson Cancer Charity means so much to us and why we would encourage people to make a donation and buy a Beatson Bauble this Christmas.

“After Liz was diagnosed in March she began treatment at The Beatson with the aim of extending her life for as long as possible – the care, love and hope she received from all the staff helped us stay positive throughout. We didn’t know what to expect on our first visit to The Beatson, but I will never forget how upbeat everyone was. Sometimes it was just the simple things like when we sat down in the waiting area and Beatson Cancer Charity’s tea trolley appeared and offered us tea and a biscuit. This really warmed the soul and we felt so much more at ease.

“Liz enjoyed the special therapies provided by Beatson Cancer Charity. Having a foot massage and getting her nails painted would help her to relax. When the girls arrived at The Beatson to collect their mum after her treatment, she was always bubbly and happy. It’s those little things that make a big difference and that’s why the Beatson Bauble campaign is so important to families like us.”

Liz Wright

John and Liz’s daughters – Rebecca, Victoria and Alex – added:

“It really matters to our family that we give something back to the people and place that supported our mum. This is why we are supporting Beatson Cancer Charity, to say thank you for the care and love Mum received.

“Christmas to Mum was about family – it was so important to her. Decorating the tree was always fun and like all families we had our Christmas traditions - we would go for dinner and watch movies on Christmas eve. We are carrying on our family traditions for Mum.

“The Beatson is a special place filled with care, love and hope and together with the support of those buying a Beatson Bauble this Christmas, Beatson Cancer Charity can be with patients and their families just like they were there for us.”

Graham Soutar, Beatson Cancer Charity, Chief Executive, said:

“Beatson Cancer Charity is incredibly grateful to John, Rebecca, Victoria and Alex for being a part of the Bauble campaign this year to honour wife and mum, Liz.

“Christmas is a very special time of year for families and every bauble we receive and hang on one of our trees represents someone close to our hearts. 

“By donating and hanging your bauble, you’re helping Beatson Cancer Charity be there for people who need us this Christmas.”

To make a donation to the Beatson Bauble campaign visit: beatsonbauble.org