Beatson Cancer Charity funds the Weekend Blood Transfusion Clinic at The Beatson

25th Feb 2016

Beatson Cancer Charity has provided £70,754.00 for a Weekend Nurse Led Blood Transfusion Clinic for Haematology/Oncology Patients at The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre. 

Anaemia is one of the most common haematological manifestations of cancer and occurs in a large proportion of patients. The decreased oxygen capacity of blood resulting from anaemia affects virtually every organ and tissue system in the body. Common symptoms include fatigue, breathlessness, chest pain and loss of mental acuity. 

Anaemia can have an adverse effect on cancer management – patients may be less likely to complete their chemotherapy, resulting in stopping and re-starting cycles and delayed treatment. 

With this in mind, demand for delivery of supportive care for haematology/oncology patients within the day care setting continues to increase. Main supportive treatment is delivered through the administration of blood products. This aims to improve the quality of life for individuals, reduce the risk of bleeding and prevent inpatient admissions to hospital. 

Due to this increasing demand, there was a detrimental effect on both the provision of transfusion delivery and access to current chemotherapy sessions. There was a reduced access for chemo treatment delivery due to the overflow of patients receiving blood transfusions. By opening and staffing the Beatson Day Unit at the weekend, 8 now patients receive between 2-3 units of red blood cells on each day and 2 patients receive 1 pool of platelets on each day. 

By offering patients treatment at the weekend, this reduces the disruptions in a person’s life. Many patients continue to work during and post chemo treatment and access to supportive therapies at the weekend for those who wish it can help give people a greater flexibility and control over their working and family lives. 

It also reduces congestion during weekdays, increases weekday access to day bed facilities for patients requiring chemo treatments and avoids delays in treatment delivery. 

The service has been hugely successful and has helped so many patients and their families, as well as staff.

Thanks to 17323 #teambeatson supporters, including donors, fundraisers, organisations, schools and clubs over £6,500,000 have been raised since Beatson Cancer Charity was born last 27th of February 2014, and major funding has been given to The Beatson to support and enhance  the treatment, care and wellbeing of current, former and future  cancer patients and their families.

In order to continue supporting innovative service developments like the Weekend Blood Transfusion, Beatson Cancer Charity needs you. 

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Stuart Whitelaw, former patient at The Beatson, tells us his experience and explains why he "hearts" The Beatson.

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In order to continue funding The Beatson to support and enhance the treatment, care and wellbeing of current, former and future cancer patients and their families, Beatson Cancer Charity needs you.

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