Beatson Cancer Charity is committed to providing significant funding and services to enhance the experience, treatment, outcomes and wellbeing of current and former cancer patients and their families in partnership with The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre.

Beatson Cancer Charity provides a range of patient and family support and facilities including patient wellbeing and complementary therapy services. The charity also funds specialist posts, enhanced medical equipment, innovative service developments, novel research project and staff education and development.  

beatson cancer charity funds 

Specialist staff

Specialist staff resources funded include specialist nursing, radiography and research based staff that would not otherwise be in post. These funded posts make a direct impact on enhancing care and support for cancer patients and their families, as well as undertaking vital educational and research activity.

Enhanced medical equipment

The charity funds a range of advanced medical equipment to meet the needs of cancer patients including electric beds and specialist chairs.

innovative Service developments

Beatson Cancer Charity funds service developments and enhancements adding additional or enhanced services to those already available through the NHS. This includes a Weekend Blood Transfusion Clinic and Lanarkshire Beatson enhancements.

Novel research projects

Research funding is provided for unique and vital research programmes contributing to the fight against cancer both now and in the future.

staff development 

Additional funding for NHS staff education and training helps to support staff development by enabling them to attend specific study days, conferences and gain further experience and qualifications. Beatson Cancer Charity therapists also provide stress management sessions to all staff at The Beatson.

application process

Who can apply for funding?

The charity accepts funding applications from various individuals and institutions involved in the care and investigation of cancer, including the NHS. 

Funding is open to all Beatson staff. All staff are encouraged to consider their funding requirements and discuss potential applications with Beatson Cancer Charity.

How to apply?

You can contact Beatson Cancer Charity for an initial discussion and advice about your potential application.

Full and summary funding applications are available to download, along with the funding application guidance document.

Funding enquiries and application should be sent to the following email address: 


For further enquries call our funding team on 0141 212 0505.


Summary Applications for awards of a maximum of £250 can be processed within three working days.

Full Applications for awards of a maximum of £10,000 can usually be processed within two weeks. 

We are currently closed to most applications over £10,000, unless we have a restricted fund which can be  utilised. 

For more information about funding criteria and applications   contact us.

"we are very grateful  for the financial assistance we received from beatson cancer charity. the specialist chair allows patients to get out of the ward and access the charity’s wellbeing centre who otherwise would be confined to their room. this specialist equipment enhances the patient journey improving quality of  life."
lesley somerville, senior physiotherapist.