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patients often confide in us when they are on the telephone as we are often the first point of contact. this makes our jobs quite different from other secretarial or office jobs.
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The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre is an internationally renowned cancer centre and the busiest in the UK in terms of clinical activity and patient numbers.

Scotland's primary cancer centre

The Beatson is an  internationally renowned  cancer centre and the busiest  in the UK in terms of clinical  activity and patient numbers  as well as being the second  largest cancer centre in  the UK delivering all of the  radiotherapy and much of  the chemotherapy to the  population of the West of  Scotland, with a catchment area  of 2.5 million people, which  is around 50% of Scotland’s  population. Each year The  Beatson sees more than 8,000  new patients and delivers  more than 25,000 courses  of chemotherapy and 6,500  courses of radiotherapy.  

The Beatson is staffed by  some 950 highly skilled  and dedicated healthcare  professionals across a range of  disciplines.

World-class facilities

The Beatson is based within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde on the Gartnavel Hospitals campus and includes non-surgical specialist oncology and clinical haematology. Equipped to an extremely high standard, it has 146 inpatient beds, 48 chemotherapy stations and 12 linear accelerators for delivering radiotherapy. The cancer centre provides cancer patients and  staff with the most cutting edge equipment, treatments and surroundings to treat cancer.

As a regional service, The Beatson has clinical links  through service delivery with 16 West of Scotland hospitals across five NHS Health Boards.

Why we are needed?

Alarmingly, more than one in three people are affected by cancer in the West of Scotland - the highest cancer rate in Europe. 10,000 new cases of cancer are registered in Glasgow and Clyde every year.

"we are always aiming to improve our services and beatson cancer charity is an incredible assistance to what we do.