50 to 150 miles: Gordon Rae shares his fundraising journey

27th June 2023 12:00

Gordon has raised over £16,000 for the charity in memory of his wife Gail, who he sadly lost to cancer.

Gordon has raised over £16,000 for the charity in memory of his wife Gail, who he sadly lost to cancer.

27th June 2023

Gordon raised money in memory of his wife Gail, who sadly passed away following a cancer diagnosis aged 49. Gordon became heavily involved in fundraising and raised a staggering £16,000.35 for our charity. 

Gordon was kind enough to take part in a Q&A to share his experience with Beatson Cancer Charity.


Why did you decide to fundraise for Beatson Cancer Charity?

I decided to try and raise funds for Beatson Cancer Charity as unfortunately I lost my wife Gail to cancer at the young age of 49. From the moment of shock at the original diagnosis, talking us through the process, throughout her treatment the help and support from the consultants, nurses at the Beatson were superb. This helped prolong her life from 3 weeks to nearly 2 years, allowing us more time together to create more memories together cruising, breaks etc. Therefore knowing Gail, I decided that I wanted to fundraise for the Beatson so hopefully this would allow other couples/families the same extra time as we had.

What did you do to raise funds?

Gail’s 50th was unfortunately 6 months after she passed so I decided that we would walk 50 miles in 50 days leading up to her 50th birthday. The length of walk was not important as this was to allow any friends or children to do this as well. The 50 miles passed very quickly, so this was then altered from the 50 to 150 miles. Me, my friend Joanne, and a not so happy dog managed to complete the new challenge. We also carried out a few raffles and a gala day street party which also added to the funds.

What was your fundraising total?

The total raised was £16000.95 I believe, but it completely took me aback at people’s kindness and generosity in such hard times. This I feel was testament to who Gail was as a person rather than my fundraising.

Do you have any fundraising plans in the future?

I have decided to now close off the Just Giving page on Gail’s birthday as feel this would be the perfect time, but I have just registered with Joanne again to do the 10 year anniversary Off the Beatson Track 10k walk in August and hopefully add some further funds for Beatson Cancer Charity.