Summer Appeal

Will you please help us give hope to people living with cancer right now?


This past year, our fantastic supporters have shown huge amounts of generosity through particularly challenging times. Without them, we simply would not be here and providing much-needed comfort and care to people and families attending The Beatson.   


In 2020, the appearance of Covid-19 pushed us into adapting and changing some of our wellbeing services, including a pause to our face-to-face services and the introduction of some new virtual support. Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we were able to continuously provide comfort and care to people living with cancer throughout the pandemic.

Now, we are slowly and safely reintroducing our face-to-face wellbeing services, to help those who need it most in The Beatson, at home and at our satellite locations. But we still need your help to continue.  

“Our wellbeing services are needed now more than ever, will you please help us bring care and comfort to those affected by cancer through these tough times?”

Claire Bradley - Head of Wellbeing

Without people like you, our Wellbeing Services simply wouldn’t exist. Will you please, donate to Beatson Cancer Charity today, so that we can continue to provide Care, Love and Hope to people dealing with a cancer diagnosis right now? 


You can help fund some of these fantastic Wellbeing Services

Wig Serivce

Our experienced wig service team provides confidential and impartial advice to bring confidence and comfort to those who are experiencing hair loss from cancer treatment.

Satellite Services

Our therapists offer a mixture of: podiatry, reiki, reflexology, wig fitting and complementary therapies in some of our satellite sites, such as New Victoria Hospital and Lanarkshire Beatson.

Podiatry Service

Foot care to provide relief from the side effects of cancer treatment is essential. Our team of podiatrists are on hand to offer advice and treatment throughout wards within The Beatson.

Welcome Desk

Our Welcome Desk Team continue to provide a warm and reassuring welcome to every single person that enters The Beatson.

Beatson Cancer Charity are more determined than ever to make sure each and every person gets the support that they absolutely deserve, and we cannot do this without you. Will you please, donate today and help to bring Care, Love and Hope to people living with cancer right now?  

From all of us here, thank you for being with us.

You can donate by;

Donating Online below.

Texting THANKYOU to 70470 to donate £10. 

Calling: 0141 212 0505.