Fear of Recurrence


Thanks to funding secured from the National Lottery Community Fund, we can continue to deliver of our very successful Fear of Recurrence programme group sessions.



What is Fear of Recurrence? 

Fear of cancer recurrence is defined as the fear or worry that cancer will return, progress, or metastasise. This is one of the most commonly reported problems and most prevalent areas of unmet need for cancer survivors and their families. 

Fear is experienced by many patients following treatment. However, some patients develop more severe, longer-term, and debilitating levels of anxiety and stress. These feelings can be overwhelming and get in the way of reconnecting with what makes life meaningful. Perhaps leading them to become socially isolated, avoid planning or not returning to a job or hobby that they previously enjoyed.  

The Fear of Recurrence pilot project first ran in 2017 and focused on breast cancer patients. It has been hugely successful in demonstrating improvements in mood and better quality of life, for ladies completing the 6-week course. The Fear of Recurrence programme has been shown to help cancer patients develop practical and psychological coping techniques for managing the ‘what if’ fears and anxieties that commonly occur after treatment.  

We are delighted to now be able to extend this programme to all cancer types, thanks to funding from the National Lottery award. 


How do the group sessions work? 

The Fear of Recurrence group programme consists of 6 group sessions split across 6 consecutive weeks. Groups are delivered by a psychologist and a facilitator. During these sessions, participants learn skills to manage fear and anxiety so that they can get back to living the life that they want for themselves. Each session lasts for 2 hours and will consist of a maximum of 10 participants per group. Due to current pandemic restrictions, these groups are offered virtually via Zoom currently and have also been offered face to face prior to this.


What will I learn during these sessions? 

The group content is underpinned by a therapeutic model called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; a psychological approach designed to designed to help individuals achieve meaningful behaviour change. The sessions teach participants how to identify personal values with the aim of using new skills to incorporate these values in to leading a meaningful life with a focus on living in the present.

There are also patient education components which cover dealing with new symptoms including when to seek help as well as information on the latest research and treatments. 


How do I register?

If you would like to register for this group session please email or call us today to find out more:

Email: supportservices@beatsoncancercharity.org 

Phone: 0141 212 0505


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