Plank it Plonk it

Start Date: 1st February 2021 12:00

End Date: 28th February 2021 12:00

Will you 'Plank it' or 'Plonk it' this February?

Will you 'Plank it' or 'Plonk it' this February?

1st February 2021 12:00


Here we go again with Lockdown 2021, this year, lets get active and join Beatson Cancer Charity in their month challenge, Plank it pass it, or plonk it on the sofa and pass it on.


How to take part 


  • If planking it, find a clear safe place at home


  • Set up your camera for a photo or video


  • Plank for as long as you possibly can


  • Or you can...Plonk yourself back on the sofa


  • Post onto your social media


  • Include the hashtags #TeamBeatson #Plankit #Plonkit or Tag us our official social channels. 


  • Then nominate five friends to take on The Plank it Plonk it Challenge


  • Facebook Donate / JustGiving donate / Website.


Thanks to, learn how to plank professionally:

Get into forearm plank position. Ensure your elbows on the ground directly underneath your shoulders with your feet hip-width apart.

Make sure your back is flat and your head and neck are in a neutral position. Drive your elbows into the floor, and squeeze your quads, glutes, and core  


How to plonk it properly.

Get on the sofa, with your duvet over you watch telly.