Professor Anthony Chalmers

Your legacy can make long-term cancer research possible

13th Sep 2016

To maintain the highest levels of care – and to give every patient the individual treatment and support they deserve – we rely on the gifts that supporters leave in their wills.

Professor Anthony Chalmers, Clinical Oncology Institute of Cancer Sciences & Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, University Glasgow - explains the importance of legacies for his research programmes. 

“I’m Professor Anthony Chalmers and I run a research lab at the Beatson Cancer Centre in Glasgow. One of the most difficult aspects of my job is planning for the future. Nearly all of our funding comes from grant applications, which are highly competitive. You never know if a grant will be funded, so you can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to pay the salaries of your research team from one year to the next. Many very talented researchers give up science, or have to move to other labs, because of the lack of security.

The great thing about gifts in Wills is that they help give researchers like me that valuable sense of security. Knowing that funding will be available in the years to come makes a huge difference to the way we approach our work. We’re able to hold on to our best researchers, and commit to longer term projects, such as the Radiotherapy Research Project I’m currently leading. By increasing the effectiveness of radiotherapy treatments, this key research will have a significant impact on survival rates and quality of life for cancer patients.”

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