Vital Hour Appeal - Research

A Vital Hour Appeal - An Hour of Research

10th Oct 2016

One of the vital pieces of research currently being funded by Beatson Cancer Charity is a potentially ground-breaking study by University of Strathclyde PhD student Trushali:

“Once it’s identified by the MRI, a tumour is then hand-drawn for radiotherapy planning. This is done by eye and it’s very time-consuming. My work involves developing a series of algorithms that will automate the process of drawing the outline of the tumour. The aim is to remove any manual bias and make the whole process much faster, speeding up the treatment as a whole. My research could end up increasing the speed and accuracy of potentially lifesaving radiotherapy at The Beatson.”

Vital Hour Appeal - Research

Trushali Doshi, PhD Student, Strathclyde University

Your gift could pay for a vital hour of research, helping our teams to make progress that could lead to more effective treatment for thousands of people with cancer.

A gift of £65  could fund another hour of research for Researchers like Trushali.

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Find out more Trushali's Research below  or on how funding an hour of reassurance or relaxation can make the difference between giving up and carrying on in someone’s hour of need.