Vital Hour Appeal - relaxation

A Vital Hour Appeal - An Hour of Relaxation

10th Oct 2016

Elizabeth is one of many patients who counts on our Wellbeing Centre to help them deal with pain, anxiety or cope with issues like insomnia and nausea:

“When I had chemotherapy at The Beatson over Christmas it was such a difficult time for me. My little boy is only three and it broke my heart to be apart from him. If it hadn’t been for the therapists, Jeanne and Zoe, I don’t know what I would have done. Even a simple chat with them gives you a feeling of normality that’s so important when you’re feeling down. When I was distressed at the prospect of chemotherapy, a massage in the Wellbeing Centre really helped to calm my mind.”

Vital Hour Appeal - relaxation

Elizabeth, Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, Patient

A gift of £25 could pay for a vital hour of complementary therapy such as reflexology or massage to ease a patient’s anxiety and help them manage their side effects.

Please fund a vital hour of care today by giving whatever you can here. Thank you.  

Find out more about Elizabeth's experience below  or on how funding a vital hour of reassurance from a nurse or life-changing cancer research can make a difference to patients in Scotland.