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Team Beatson supporter Marija tells us her experience of Challenge Arrochar

8th Apr 2016

Team Beatson fundraiser Marija Krasilnikova, originally from Latvia and currently a student at the University of Glasgow, found out about our three peak hillwalking event, Challenge Arrochar, after seeing an advert in the Glasgow subway. Although Marija had no connection to the Beatson Cancer Charity, she thought it would be a great experience to challenge herself with something she had never done before whilst also raising money for a cause close to her heart.

Marija’s life has sadly been affected by cancer, with her father passing away from the illness back home in 2010. Marija told us: “When I found out about the Beatson Cancer Charity and the work they do, I really didn’t want to miss the opportunity to raise money for such a great charity”. She told us:

Having experienced the neglect terminally ill patients face in Latvia, both by the healthcare system/workers and by social services, I find it hard to describe how glad it makes me to see the range of support services available to cancer patients in the UK, and at the Beatson specifically. While my father did not receive any services from the Beatson, I'm certain that if he had, it would have significantly improved his quality of life at the time.

Due to Marija’s inexperience with hillwalking, she decided to take on one of the three peaks, namely The Cobbler.

The weather was almost perfect for the occasion - warm, overcast, the air was rather still, and there was just a little rain. All in all a good time and place to be hillwalking!

Marija also described the best part of the challenge to us:

Being a nature enthusiast, the best part for me was probably just being surrounded by hills, the absence of urban noise and the tranquillity only felt in 'the wilderness.”

arrochar, hillwalking, Scotland

Marija would definitely take part in Challenge Arrochar again and encourages others to get involved to support The Beatson and to experience the great outdoors:

I think people are often unaware of the amount of money they spend on things that don't actually matter (another coffee, another item of clothing or tech), and that it could actually be used for a better cause - be it helping the poor, those with cancer or anyone else in need. Also, just being 'out there', in the Highlands, is an experience worth participating in an event like this on its own.

We are extremely grateful for Marija taking part and her  efforts last year in order to raise  funds for the Beatson Cancer Charity. 

If you would like to take part in our unique challenge event amidst the Arrochar Alps, you can sign up here or if you would like to find out more information send us an email at

Challenge Arrochar, hillwalking, Scotland, Beatson, fundraising