Remarkable Rosie Barnes treks for the Beatson to say thank you for unique treatment

10th Jul 2014

Rosie Barnes, 26, from Fort William is a true inspiration to us all at #teambeatson! She was diagnosed in 2009 with severe relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) at just 21. Unfortunately due to the nature of this illness and after a series of relapses, Rosie became extremely disabled – she lost her sight in one eye and was paralysed from the waist down.With her MS becoming more and more aggressive, Rosie had to make the very hard decision to leave university and move back home in order to receive care from her mother.Rosie received a whole host of gruelling treatments to help her manage the disease but soon the treatments stopped working and the only one that offered any hope was a peripheral blood stem cell transplant more commonly known as a bone marrow transplant.This procedure is more commonly used to treat leukaemia and lymphoma but is also used in very severe cases of an immune system disorder such as MS. This is not a common procedure for the treatment of MS which means Rosie is the first person in Scotland to receive a bone marrow transplant for the treatment of MS – a truly unique and rare route to go down which Rosie is rightly so very proud of!The transplant was successfully carried out at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre where she was looked after exceptionally well by all the staff. She visited the charity’s wellbeing centre at the Beatson where she was able to relax, have a massage, a facial and she also had her nails done. Patients often comment that this service provided by the charity is a real godsend at difficult times and lets the patient feel themselves again.When Rosie left the hospital she spent a year in a wheelchair or used walking sticks, however today she walks independently again. Things are certainly looking up for Rosie as she has moved back in with her partner and she has also returned to university where she studies Marine Sciences.Rosie is very grateful to all the consultants at the Beatson who took a chance on her and accepted her for a bone marrow transplant. She is also very thankful to the wonderful staff who looked after her. This has inspired Rosie to set herself a massive challenge – to take part in Trekfest 2015 in the Brecon Beacons next June. This isn’t just any old trek, the challenge will see Rosie walk 54 miles in just 24 hours! Rosie has kindly chosen to do the event and raise sponsorship for the Beatson Cancer Charity which we are so honoured and touched by – thank you Rosie.That’s not all she’s doing for the charity though, Rosie has also been kindly placing collection cans in her local community and she is organising a cake bake sale in August.We wish her all the best with her training and for the big event itself – what a wonderful way to round off a really hard few years. We are #beatsonproud of you Rosie, thank you for your support!If you would like to sign up to Trekfest, please click here  - then use this hyper link if you wish to support Rosie you can visit her JustGiving page here -