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Q&A with Challenge Arrochar participant David Traynor

7th Jun 2016

We caught up with former Beatson patient, David Traynor, who will be participating in Challenge Arrochar on the 18th June. At the age 77, David is not letting the hills of Arrochar stop him from giving something back.

Q. What made you want to sign up and take part in Challenge Arrochar David?

“For many years I have been a keen hillwalker, cyclist and participated in many activities including tending my allotment, working out in the gym, painting pictures and playing bridge, which keeps me fit, mentally and physically. I am 77 today, born 1/6/1939 and I want to be able to continue doing the things I enjoy for as long as I am able.”

Q. Why did you decide to fundraise and support Beatson Cancer Charity?

"My reasons for fundraising and supporting Beatson Cancer Charity are very personal. Unfortunately I lost my wife to cancer at a very early age. She was just turned 50 when she died 26 years ago. I myself had a brush with the disease 5 years ago and thanks to the wonderful treatment I received at the Beatson, I am well today!"


Q. What part of the Challenge are you most looking forward to?

"I am looking forward to the challenge of climbing the three peaks in Arrochar because I feel that I can give back something to a cause which saved my life. About 6 years ago I took part in the Glasgow to Edinburgh Cycling Event with my youngest son and two friends, raising £1,300 for the charity. I found it exhilarating, a lot of fun and it gave me great satisfaction."

Q. As you have a very active lifestyle what would you advise people in their training on the lead up to the event?

"My advice on training for the Challenge Arrochar is to get outdoors as often as you can. Walking, cycling, exercising at the gym and swimming are great for getting you in shape and gaining body tone. Keep an eye on your weight by eating a well-balanced, low carb, high protein diet and live a healthily lifestyle. Be positive, the benefits are well worth it."

We truly appreciate David talking to us about his connection with The Beatson and his upcoming thoughts on taking on the hills of Arrochar.

With less than two weeks left till we take on Challenge Arrochar! There is still time to sign up and don't worry if you're not a seasoned hillwalker!

Why don't you sign up to the One Peak Challenge and experience the wonders of The Cobbler – one of Scotland’s finest hills and suitable for novice walkers. So what are you waiting for, pull up your boots and take to the hills for cancer patients at The Beatson.

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