Our funding achievements so far...

28th Jul 2014

We are so grateful to everyone who supports the Beatson Cancer Charity by either making donations or organising fundraising events, to taking part in sponsored charity challenges. You may be wondering what we’ve been funding with the money we’ve received since we launched. We’ll we’ve highlighted just some of the amazing projects and initiatives we’ve started to fund and support below. There is so much going on and a big future ahead and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on everything we’re funding!

  • £98,414 towards a laboratory technician to undertake pre-clinical evaluation of novel radiotherapy/drug combinations to support applications for phase I clinical trials.
  • £23,900 per year towards funding a full time Melanoma Clinical Nurse Specialist.
  • Up to £5,625 over two years towards a research project analysing the development of effective anti-CMV specific T-cell immunity post T-cell depleted allogeneic haemopoietic stem cell transplantation using the QuantiFERON system.
  • £2,200 will fund the implementation and use of a vital database for late effects of bone marrow transplantation.
  • £1,200 will fund the attendance of 25 nurses to a ‘cancer biology and targeted treatments for solid tumours de-mystifying the science for cancer nurses’ study day.
  • £190 to fund attendance to the Teenage Cancer Trust international conference on teenage and young adult cancer medicine in London.
  • £200 from the charity’s Matrimonial Fund to assist in producing a wedding photo album for a patient with advanced malignancy.

Beatson Cancer Charity therapists have also started to provide a range of complementary therapies to day patients in the Day Case Unit at the Beatson and they will be rolled out to ward B6 very soon.