Messages of support sent in from Lanarkshire Beatson Appeal

12th Jun 2015

Throughout our Lanarkshire Beatson appeal we have been so touched by the amount of lovely and inspiring messages of support we have a received.  Here are just some of the messages sent in:

Good luck, stay strong, and remember Scotland has the best doctors, who are always discovering new drugs and treatments for the horrible illness called cancer. Dr Clinton Ali is one of these doctors, a great man.”

“No matter how tough it may feel, just remember that the people around you will support you on this journey. There are no medals for doing it yourself. Let them help you.”

“I had an aggressive cancer which started 11 years ago. If it wasn’t for the oncology teams in Falkirk and the radiotherapy team at the Beatson Glasgow, I don’t know what I would have done. They are amazing and I’m still here to tell the tale! I wish the Lanarkshire Beatson all the best, Thank you.”

“I was diagnosed with a bladder tumour in November 2008. I received therapy for the same in Monklands hospital. The nurses who attended me were excellent and supportive. The therapy worked and in 2009 I went into remission and have been so ever since. I will be 85 in September.”

“To everyone suffering from this horrible disease and to all the wonderful devoted people who treat and nurse them. I wish you all the very best and pray that every day brings us closer to a cure.”

“Don’t ever give up hope. Our wonderful NHS, doctors and nurses are doing a wonderful things and hopefully one day our medical profession and science will give us a cure. Keep your chin up and try to smile.”

“My late father died many years ago from lung cancer and he was told he only had a few weeks after fighting for nearly 2 years, but he said he was not turning his face to the wall, he had things to do and he survived for another year. So fight on please.”

"It may not always be possible  - but  stay  positive."

Patients at the new Lanarkshire Beatson will receive the highest levels of care and support. This will include many of the patient and family support services and complimentary therapies for which the Beatson has become renowned for.

You can still help support our Lanarkshire Beatson appeal by making a simple text donation by texting 'BEATSON5' to 70500 to give £5. Thank you.

Together we can beat cancer. Together we are the Beatson.