Iona Team brave the Tiree 10K for the Beatson

19th May 2014

My oh my Team Beatson you certainly keep impressing us with your amazing charity challenges!Supporter Rowan MacCallum has been sharing some fantastic snaps and the JustGiving page of Team Beatson member and artist, Mhairi Killin, about the very inspiring Iona Team!The Iona Team is made up of islanders, mainlanders, seafarers and land lubbers who regularly come together to take part in events on two of the most beautiful islands in the UK - Iona and Tiree.On Saturday 3rd May, some of the group, including Mhairi for the second time now, took on the high seas from Iona and travelled to Tiree to take part in the island's 10K event, while the others stayed and walked a 10K around and around Iona.We can't thank all the wonderful members of the Iona Team enough for organising this fantastic challenge and for taking part in a truly challenging event! How great do they all look in their Beatson t-shirts!?The team's fundraising target is £5000 which they hope to raise for the Beatson Cancer Charity. You can help the group meet their target by donating via Mhairi's page - Team Iona!