Ingen support Beatson Cancer Charity

Ingen Technical Services drive forward with fundraising for Beatson Cancer Charity

11th Jul 2016

Ingen Technical Services has gone one step further with its support for Beatson Cancer Charity by branding several of its company vans. The charity logo is proudly displayed on the fleet which travel the length and breadth of the country. We are very grateful to the staff at Ingen Technical Services for all their continued support and this kind hearted gesture will make a big impact by raising the profile of the charity across Lanarkshire and further afield.

The company has pledged to further support the charity through a range of different fundraising initiatives and sponsorship.

Jamie Delaney, Executive Director of Ingen Technical Services, said: “Ingen are honoured to be associated with and to support Beatson Cancer Charity so much so we are proud to promote this on all of our vehicles in the fleet.

“We are confident one day a cure will be found for cancer, everyone should remain confident that this day will come, this day may not be tomorrow however until this day comes Ingen will be at the heart of the business community to contribute through innovation and determination to support this worthy cause.” 

Dawn Ferguson, Corporate and Events Fundraiser at Beatson Cancer Charity visited the site to see the fleet for herself.

Dawn commented: “The vans look fantastic and will make a real difference to the charity’s profile, especially in Lanarkshire. The staff at Ingen Technical Services have been really committed to supporting Beatson Cancer Charity and we are sincerely grateful for their dedication and look forward to working with them in the future.”

To find out how your business can be part something special with Beatson Cancer Charity click  here