ian weir

Beatson Hairdresser

After being a hairdresser for his entire working life and running his own very successful salon, Ian Weir made the decision to retire. However, Ian soon realised he wasn’t quite ready to give up working all together and so three years ago he took up a position at the Beatson in Glasgow as a hairdresser.

Ian applied for the position at the charity's wellbeing centre which is funded by the Beatson Cancer Charity, after coming across the post while reading his morning paper. The minute he read about the post Ian knew this was the perfect opportunity for him.

With personal experience, his father and a few of his close friends had suffered with the illness, Ian felt that this was his way of giving something back and doing his bit to help cancer sufferers.

Ian’s job is challenging as he is a strong support to cancer patients while they are going through one of the hardest parts of their treatment. Losing their hair is a very difficult time, particularly for women and Ian does all he can to ensure they still manage to feel good about themselves.

He styles their hair to hide scars and patches and also shows them how to tie scarves around their head. Ian said: “Helping people through their journey is so important to me and I do all I can to make them feel more like themselves again.” 

The centre also provides services to patients in the wards who find it difficult to attend appointments. Cutting hair while the patient is still in bed can be difficult but Ian has taught himself ways to make it work. He said: “I have had to invent hairstyles around collars and teach myself little tricks to cut hair while the patient is in bed but it is so rewarding to be able to make people feel better about themselves.”

Although his job can be difficult to deal with at times, Ian loves what he does and is proud to be part of the team at the Beatson. He is passionate about the charity and wants as many people as possible to help fund such a worthwhile cause.

Without Ian many of the patients who rely on his professionalism, expertise and support would find what they are going through even harder. Ian is a huge comfort to so many people and their families and we are so grateful to have him as part of the Beatson team. You can ensure many more patients receive the vital treatment he offers by choosing us as your charity of the year at your school, community group or work place. Please make a donation to the charity here - it is easy and quick!