Get Your Beards On for the Beatson

4th Nov 2014

Calling all lads and ladies! During the month of November, we’re asking all of #teambeatson to ‘Get Their Beards On for the Beatson’. So shave off what you’ve got, and let it all grow! Make sure to ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you – all donations will help to provide a comprehensive range of high quality patient and family support services and fund specialist staff posts including specialist nursing, radiography and research based staff as well as service developments, enhanced medical equipment and innovative research and education.The gentlemen of the office have bravely de-bearded – you can keep up to date with their weekly progress by tuning in to the Beatson Beard Diaries, but  more importantly we want to see YOUR beards, moustaches, goatees, fluff and ladies, don’t think you can’t take part as we want to see your drawn on ‘taches and fake beards too. Post your ‘Beardies’ to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages telling us why you’re taking part using #bebearded,