becca davidson

Beatson Fundraiser

Like so many people who have lost a loved one to cancer, teenager Becca Davidson was keen to give something back to the people who helped and were there for her and her family.

Becca, from Clydebank, lost her father Fraser to cancer in 2006, six years after an earlier scare. He had been diagnosed with a malignant mole in 2000 which he received treatment for at the former Beatson facility at the Western Infirmary in Glasgow.

In 2005, while on a family holiday, his wife Lynne felt several lumps on his back whilst rubbing in sun cream.

After seeing a doctor on their return to Scotland, the lumps were found to be skin cancer. At the age of 43, Fraser was given only six months to live and he was admitted to the Beatson as his health began to deteriorate rapidly. 

Throughout his final weeks, Fraser used the Beatson Cancer Charity wellbeing centre frequently and found it to be a great source of comfort during such a difficult time. Becca and the rest of her family also received a great deal of support from the centre which helped them come to terms with Fraser’s diagnosis. The Beatson Cancer Charity funds the centre and its wide range of complementary services for patients and their families. 

With that in mind, 16 year-old Becca decided to raise money for the Centre in memory of her late father. To raise as much money as possible she decided it would need to be something big that would grab people’s attention.

Having always had beautiful long hair, Becca decided that shaving it all off was going to be the perfect way to raise money. She said: “I thought that because people knew how much I loved my long hair and how many compliments I got about it, shaving it off would be something they would be willing to make donations towards.”

Becca arranged for the fundraising event to take place at the start of January 2013 and invited family and friends to come and support her challenge. Over 100 people came to watch as a hairdresser shaved off her long flowing locks. She said: “I felt quite calm and was laughing but everyone else started crying and got really upset about it.”

However, her friends and family all rallied around and there was a fantastic atmosphere as they supported Becca, who donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust who make wigs for children suffering from cancer.

She has raised almost £10,000 in aid of the Beatson Cancer Charity and other cancer-related charities and said: “I couldn’t believe how generous people were and how much money we managed to raise, the support has been overwhelming.”  

Becca received a great deal of support when she was going through the hardest of times and the Beatson Cancer Charity made things easier on her and her family. She was delighted to be able to help the charity out and knows the money is going to such a good cause.

Becca plans to continue her fundraising for the Beatson Cancer Charity as she believes that when people give you something it is important to give something back in return.  

We are sincerely grateful to the very brave Becca for taking on such a huge challenge. She has shown nothing but dedication, commitment and courage in a truly difficult time at such a young age. No one should have to go through what Becca and her family have had to endure but sadly cancer affects everyone and we must act now to support the thousands of men, women and children who visit the Beatson every month for all types of cancer treatment.

Our vital work couldn’t exist without the amazing people who raise funds for us, like young Becca. Whether you want to be involved individually, with friends and family or through your company, we have a number of ways that your support can help to beat cancer. Have a look around the site for lots of inspiring ideas! Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates, photos and much more!