Norrie, Beatson Bauble Appeal

Beatson Bauble Appeal - Norrie's Story

This Christmas, the Clucas family are hanging their Beaton Bauble in memory of Norrie. After losing their dad, grandad and husband last year, the family is supporting this year’s Beatson Bauble appeal and encouraging others to do the same to help more families facing cancer. 

Read below to find out about   their  story on how   Beatson Cancer Charity supported Norrie and the family.  

We recently lost our incredibly brave dad, Norrie. Dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2013, which later spread to his bones in 2015. 

When we found out that Dad’s Cancer was terminal, we began to think “what now?”. We were terrified. Dad however, was so positive and never gave up hope.

The staff and nurses truly removed the dark cloud and made his journey manageable. For dad, mum, us and the kids. That’s why this year, we will be hanging a Beatson Bauble on our Christmas Tree’s, in memory of our Dad.

Norrie and his family

We would often arrive at the hospital to find him in Beatson Cancer Charity’s Wellbeing Centre being pampered by their lovely wellbeing assistants and therapists. It was so nice to see him; the man who was always so busy, getting his nails done and his hair cut whilst sipping a cup of tea. He just loved being able to leave the ward and escape to an environment where he could completely unwind and relax.

The Wellbeing Centre will always hold a special place in our hearts. Between the three of us and mum, we would argue over who would visit him up there. It was nice for us to spend time with him in a non-clinical space, it put us all at ease. We would look out of the panoramic windows across Glasgow and dad would show us where he played football as a child, whilst telling us stories about the buildings that he could see. He would often shuffle us out 15 minutes early so that he could get the best seat in the Cinema room to watch the football, it was just his home from home; he was so happy up there.

We’ll never forget the morning that Mum called to tell us that Dad wouldn’t wake up. He had spent the night before at his granddaughters 8th birthday party, laughing and celebrating with all his family.  He went home, kissed mum goodnight and fell asleep as normal, in his bed. We get so much comfort knowing that although he was at his worst physically, he was in a great space mentally, and we owe that to The Beatson. 

Grandad Norrie’s last Christmas with his Grandchildren.

(Grandad Norrie’s last Christmas with his Grandchildren)

This Christmas will be as magical and mental as ever. We’ll be wrapping presents with perfect folds (as Dad always instructed) and helping mum fill the massive Christmas bags with presents for the grandkids, just as Grandad Norrie used to do. Most importantly, we will be remembering Dad, with a toast to him at the end of dinner and of course, with our Beatson Baubles on our trees. 

As well as hanging our Beatson Bauble, we will be sending a small donation to Beatson Cancer Charity, so that they can continue providing care, love and support to people affected by cancer this Christmas.

So, on behalf of our Dad Norrie, please consider sending a donation, along with your Beatson Bauble to Beatson Cancer Charity today. Any donation, no matter how big or small, will make a world of difference to families like ours.

We hope you have a Happy Christmas and a healthy 2020.

Caroline, Pauline, Karen and our Mum, Catherine x

Caroline, Pauline, Karen and  Mum, Catherine

By hanging your Beatson Bauble, you will be supporting thousands of people affected by cancer throughout Scotland.

Here's how to support the Beatson Bauble Appeal today:
  • Donate Here and we will post your Beatson Bauble to you (Select Beatson Bauble Appeal in Existing Appeal)
  • Write Your Special Message on one Bauble and send back to Beatson Cancer Charity using the Freepost Envelope provided. We will hang this on our Beatson Tree!
  • Hang the Second Bauble on your own Christmas Tree, knowing that you have supported somebody affected by cancer this Christmas

Thank you for all your support this   festive season.

Find out more about our Bauble Appeal here or donate below.

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