beatson bauble appeal 18

beatson bauble appeal

This Christmas, please support Beatson patients and their families facing cancer. 

Supporting Beatson Cancer Charity at Christmas time is so important, but we need to raise vital funds to help cancer patients and their families all throughout the year.

Sometimes it's a simple cup of tea that can keep patients going. 

For some, a simple wig fitting can change everything.

It's the little things we do that make a big difference to people facing cancer. The Wright family will be supporting our bauble appeal this Christmas, please read or watch their story below:

The Wright Family - Beatson Bauble Appeal

(The Wright family, above)

"We’re the Wright family and we want to share with you why Beatson Cancer Charity means so much to us and why we need you to make a donation and hang a Beatson Bauble this Christmas.

"In March this year, my wife Liz was diagnosed with an unusual and incurable form of stomach cancer. Liz began treatment at The Beatson with the aim of extending her life for as long as possible. The care, love and hope she received from all the staff helped us stay positive throughout. During her sixth and final cycle of treatment, we were told the cancer had spread. There were too many fronts to fight. In August, Liz passed away, just 10 days after her 52nd birthday."

"Liz enjoyed the special therapies provided by Beatson Cancer Charity. Having a foot massage and getting  her nails painted would help her to relax. When the girls arrived at The Beatson to collect their mum after her treatment, she was always bubbly and happy."

"This year we will be sending a donation and hanging a Beatson Bauble in memory of our mum. The Beatson is a special place filled with care, love and hope and together with your support, Beatson Cancer Charity can be with patients and their families just like they were there for us. Please, make a donation and hang your Beatson Bauble this Christmas. Thank you."

John, Rebecca, Victoria and Alex Wright

Please give a gift this Christmas that will mean so much more. 

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*Beatson Baubles can be obtained from Beatson Cancer Charity’s Café and Hub, Welcome Desk, Wellbeing Centre, or Beatson Cancer Charity office. These are located at The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, 1053, Gt Western Road, Glasgow, G120YN.