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A vital hour of care

In someone’s hour of need, the nurses and therapists at The Beatson can make the difference between giving up and carrying on. That’s why Beatson Cancer Charity is asking supporters to fund ‘a vital hour of care’ – and make a crucial difference to the lives of people with cancer.

It could be an hour of reassurance from a Clinical Nurse Specialist that helps someone get through a particularly tough time. Or an hour of relaxation provided by the therapists at Beatson Cancer Charity’s Wellbeing Centre, taking a patient’s mind off an arduous treatment. 

It could even be an hour of crucial research that helps the brilliant researchers at The Beatson take great strides in the fight against cancer.

Vital Hour Appeal - reassurance

Over the coming year, The Beatson team will provide almost 30,000 hours of care, support and research. Every hour is critical to cancer patients and their families – but we can only continue to give this time with your help.

Find out more below about how a vital hour of can make a difference:

an hour of reassurance 

an hour of research 

an hour relaxation 

Please fund a vital hour of care today by giving whatever you can here.

Vital Hour Appeal

Radiotherapy Research

radiotherapy research project 

An opportunity to invest in world-leading cancer research at The Beatson.

“Like thousands of other Scots, I was devastated when I was told I had cancer. 

“Fortunately, I was in the best of hands at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre.

“It was during my radiotherapy treatment that I met Professor Anthony Chalmers. When he told me about his ambitious plans for the Radiotherapy Research Project, I knew I had to get involved. To have world-leading research right here in Scotland, giving patients the very best chance of beating cancer, is a truly amazing opportunity. We simply must grasp it.

“What we fund now could change the nature of cancer treatment, not just for my family or yours, but for generations to come. It’s incredible to think that, together, we could set up the research that means more people across Scotland – and the world – win the fight against cancer.”

andrew fairlie

Andrew Fairlie, Chef Patron, Restaurant Andrew Fairlie, The Gleneagles Hotel

Why now is the time to invest in radiotherapy research 

“For many years, radiotherapy has been one of the most effective forms of cancer treatment. A half of all patients receive it, while it’s the primary form of treatment for two-fifths of patients whose cancer is cured. However, the potential damage to surrounding, healthy cells means that we have to limit the amount of treatment we can give to patients. All that, however, is about to change.

“Over the last five to ten years, there’s been a revolution in radiotherapy technology. Today, we have a wide range of innovative tools and approaches that deliver radiotherapy much more accurately (see opposite). It means that, in some cases, we can give a higher dose. In other cases, where we can’t increase the dose, we can combine it with innovative drugs to make it more effective against cancer.

“These are exciting breakthroughs, and at The Beatson we’re continuing to refine and improve them in the laboratory. But the next critical step is to test them in patients. And for that, we need your support to create the Radiotherapy Research Project.

“Many of the new drugs that are revolutionising radiotherapy technology have been developed right here in Glasgow. Now we need to put in place the experts who will turn pioneering research into life-saving cancer treatment in patients. 

“We hope to significantly increase the chances of treatments shrinking and controlling tumours. This, in turn, will lead to increased survival rates in cancers where there is a poor outlook, such as those of the lung, brain, pancreas, head and neck. In short, more people will win the battle against cancer.”

Radiotherapy research - Anthony Chalmers

Professor Anthony Chalmers, Clinical Oncology Institute of Cancer Sciences & Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre University of Glasgow

Three major advances we aim to test in patients:

Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy:

This lets us deliver radiotherapy much more accurately to cancers that are irregular in shape or close to critical structures like the spinal cord or heart.

Image Guided Radiotherapy: 

Using sophisticated MRI or PET-scanning techniques, we can track cancers as they move or change in shape or size during cancer treatment.

Molecular targeted agents:

These new-generation drugs can be combined with radiotherapy to knock out specific molecules tha are resistant to cancer treatments.

cancer research

£5,000 - This could help pay for a Senior Radiotherapy Physicist with key expertise in radiotherapy planning, dosimetry and imaging. The post holder will also facilitate increased research amongst our existing pool of senior physicists. Total funding required over three years: £218,360.

£20,000 - This will help pay for a Research Radiographer to provide expert technical support to the research team. The post-holder will also initiate and lead specific projects, and raise the research team’s UK and international profile. Total funding required over three years: £152,782.

£60,000 - This will help pay for a Research Statistician to provide the key statistical analysis required for all research projects. The post-holder will also unlock the potential of existing radiotherapy and imaging data resources. Total funding required over three years: £138,415.

To show your support to the Radiotherapy Research Project please visit the links below on how to donate. Thank you.

Regular donations provide us with a reliable income to plan our future projects and services and fund our vital work to beat cancer. A small amount each month makes a really big difference to our work.

get involved 

Glasgow has the highest incidence of cancer in Europe, so Scotland needs the Beatson… and we need your support. If your heart is close to any of the appeals above you can donate today.

Every donation, both large and small, makes a huge difference to the people we support and it couldn’t be easier to do. Please make a single donation today using a debit or credit card. It’s quick, easy, and secure and you’ll be making a difference today.

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Regular donations provide us with a reliable income to plan our future projects and services and fund our vital work to beat cancer. A small amount each month makes a really big difference to our work.

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